Winter’s Embrace

Why do I enjoy winter while others dread it?

Is it the calming, slowing-down effect from a cold and limiting world?

Is it the beauty at times of a cleansing white blanket, gently nestling the world’s concerns into quiet, temporary submission?

Or is it an encouragement to reflect, renew, and respond more to my inner voice and thoughts than external noise and distractions?

For me it’s these pleasures sustained through long, cold, dark nights and soft, mellow, restful days. While many struggle with winter’s elements, slowing movements and causing nervous commutes, I’m grateful I no longer endure such daily struggles and can contemplate the soulful, peaceful influence winter offers for those who would embrace it.

The only things I’d add to make it perfect is a reading chair positioned in front of a large window, a roaring fire blazing at my right, and a cup of hot cocoa on the table at my left.